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Congratulations to the Inaugural Class, MS in Anatomy Education

Aug 1, 2020

The Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution congratulates the graduates from its inaugural class in the MS in Anatomy Education that began in 2019. The three students came from a variety of backgrounds to pursue this degree and successfully navigated a new program and the pandemic to complete their coursework in June, 2020. Congratulations to Aracely, Grace, and Dallas – we wish you all the best for your future careers!

Aracely Martinez is graduating from the MSAE program to begin a PhD program in Clinical Anatomy at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – New Orleans under the mentorship of Dr. Jason Mussell, a PhD graduate from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution. Aracely will emphasize medical education research in her further graduate studies.

Grace Jull continues to build on a decade of success designing and delivering online and hybrid embodied and applied anatomy courses and lectures in partnership with world-class institutions committed to the power of integrative health. With expertise on fascia, therapeutic yoga, mindfulness, breath, and visceral cavities, Grace’s long-term goal is founding or collaborating in a university level yoga therapy training program.

Dallas Kokoska has been selected as an officer candidate for the United States Navy; he will attend Officer Candidacy School in November of 2020 and expects to be commissioned in March of 2021. He will be conditioned to become a Surface Warfare Officer and hopes to work towards a Leadership position. Dallas will build on his experiences and attention to detail attained from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution to become a major asset in the United States Navy.